Colon cleansing and it’s health benefits

Colon cleansing is the process of removing toxic substances that accumulate in the large intestines of a human body. Such toxins formulate from the decay of fecal substances and if absorbed by the body, can cause weight gain, poisoning in the blood, bloating, fatigue and irritated skin.

Why having a healthy colon is so important

colon cleansing for healthy livingThe fact that colon cleansing is a necessary procedure has been known to spark debate; many people are often skeptical of its necessity while others maintain that it is utterly necessary to once in a while flush out the toxins.

Colon cleansing is known to aid in weight loss and reduction of cellulite. It is also synonymous with reducing the risk of colon cancer, improving one’s metabolism, maintaining a balanced pH in the human bloodstream and enhancing the body’s absorption ability of vitamins and minerals and water. Improving frequency of relieving oneself and reducing constipation are two other established benefits of carrying out colon irrigation, not to mention that a cleanse reduces cellulite.

How is colon cleansing done for a healthy living

There are two common ways through which to conduct colon cleansing.

One has to do with flushing out fecal deposits found in the colon through which water passes into the body via the rectum. If you choose this option, consider visiting a professional so as to have the procedure done skillfully and avoid complications.

healthy diet cleanseThe other simpler and more common one is done by a selected choice of foods and drinks to ingest. Some herbal teas and supplements known as enemas are ingested in specified quantities. Fruits and vegetable diets (which totally eliminate fatty foods) could also be eaten for a specified period in order to conduct colon cleansing. These fiber rich foods, herbal teas and supplements help cleanse the colon and the entire duodenum. Ultimately, this is the most preferred method for colon irrigation.

This preferred mode of colon irrigation is more efficient when it comes to weight loss and reduction of cellulite. Dietary colon cleansing is popular and common due to the fact that it is a natural method to cleanse your colon, while at the same time is great to get rid of cellulite naturally and has weight loss benefits.

A “colon cleanse” is the term used to refer to a diet taken in order to carry out colon cleansing. Such a diet is always rich in water and liquids which ultimately allow the removal of fecal deposits in the colon.

Best foods to eat during a cleanse

  • A fruit cleanse is a colon cleanse whose diet is restricted to fruits and water only. You are supposed to take water and fruits for a certain time period and have full benefits of vitamin and fiber nutrition as your colons get cleansed
  • A water diet is a colon cleanse that consists of water only. Normally, you will be required to take water only for ten days. This allows you to cut on weight as your body depends on your fat deposits for energy during this time period.
  • A fruit juice cleanse is the best option in this category. You will be required to take fruit juice only for a number of days; ten to twenty on a normal scale. Juicing the fruit is better preferred to blending the fruit juice due to the benefit of retaining the fruit fiber.
  • A fruit and vegetable colon cleanse consists of a diet that is mainly raw fruit, water and vegetable. This kind of diet is highly rich in fiber which also makes it highly advantageous.
  • The Master cleanse- You will be required to take lemonade and water for ten days.

The fiber in fruits aid in colon cleansing in that they move along intestinal tracts four times faster than food that has no fiber. As much, fiber drags away food particles and reduces instances of accumulation of feed particles on the walls of the intestines.

Colon cleansing aids in weight loss and cellulite reduction

  • Enabling the body to carry out metabolic functions in a more simplified manner- Colon cleansing enables the walls of the intestines to regain their ability to efficiently absorb water, minerals and vitamins. In other words, it unclogs the system and makes metabolism faster and effective. In this way, the body is able to retain the nutrients needed and get rid of what it doesn’t require more efficiently. Fat intake and accumulation into the system is therefore reduced.
  • Reducing the amount of fat intake – This is more effective with the second mode of colon irrigation. Taking fruit diets enable you to receive nutritional value from the vitamins and energy from the fructose in the fruits. At the same time, lack of fat in your diet is a largely conspicuous factor of this concept. The fibers in the fruit and vegetable (plus the water in the colon cleansing diets) carry out the cleansing.

So, I hope I convinced you to do a cleanse…